Less Cancer’s Hike and Bike America 2024, from June 1 to July 5, is a great way to set and reach your own health goals while helping to raise money to support Less Cancer’s transformative work in lowering cancer risks. Registration for this annual bike and bike event is free.

For 20 years, Less Cancer has truly made an impact through grassroots efforts and community involvement.

“It’s been powerful to see the solidarity of the Less Cancer’s Hike and Bike America has rallied support and participation in the work to prevent and seek better outcomes for a cancer diagnosis,” said Founder Bill Couzens, also a cycling enthusiast. “Less Cancer’s Hike and Bike America, one of the country’s longest virtual-running events of its kind, has been a recognized pioneer in shifting the paradigm on cancer. It has been the funding from this event that has allowed Less Cancer to succeed and grow its transformative,  lifesaving programming.“

The non-profit organization has always been funded at the grassroots level.

 “We’re an organization that was built on bake sale money,” said Couzens. “Because we have a strong focus on continuing medical education, it’s critical that our sponsorship does not conflict with our educational platforms. You are not going to see our organization have an obesity program sponsored by a soda company, or you’re not going to see a tobacco company sponsoring a smoking program. There are no chemical companies or pharmaceutical companies that have any conflicts that are part of our operation.  We cannot change the paradigm on cancer if we’re going to continue to do business in the same old way.”

Cancer prevention is seen as being a key element for saving lives and lowering cancer deaths as reported by government and non-government agencies. Couzens added,  “Cancer prevention is the work we do for improving health and lowering risk that is not always accomplished in a medical setting. While we have positively impacted the public’s health and have saved lives, our work is far from complete. We still are working towards the big goal of lowering incidences of cancer. Unfortunately, we’ve not seen as much cancer or increased incidents of cancer as seen today.” Couzens continued, “cancer should never be an expected stage of life.”

Less Cancer marked its 20th anniversary and was recognized earlier this year in Congress on Capitol Hill.  The organization has been a leader in collaborating on policy and best practices to lower cancer risks.

Less Cancer has been quite vocal on issues around the environment, to include forever chemicals, with recent wins with the EPA the subject matter has been the focus of a movie and book Dark Waters about Less Cancer board member Rob Bilott.

Other issues have included things like smoking, vaping, and indoor tanning with a focus on minors.  The organization has advocated for exercise and nutrition in programming that helps to advance those solutions for chronic illness. Founded under the Next Generation Choices Foundation in 2004, the non-profit is the creator of National Cancer Prevention Day, National Cancer Prevention Workshop, and the United States Bipartisan Congressional Cancer Prevention Caucus.


Registration is free.  Create your own adventure, join a team or go it on your own wherever you live, work or vacation. Your help makes all the difference. Please see the link below where you can register to hike or bike and/or donate:


A free concert open to the public featuring The Insiders: A Tribute to Tom Petty is the official kick-off for the Hike and Bike America 2024 car Mt. Holiday in Traverse City, MI, on Saturday, June 1. Gates open at 5:00 p.m., and the concert opens with the band Sean Kelly and The Time Wiser.

Let’s get and keep America moving!

 More information can be found on our website at:  https://link.edgepilot.com/s/54e6e2f7/EaiSe2rRl0OS3yRNXNxqog?u=https://www.lesscancer.org/how-we-do-our-work/less-cancer-bike-ride/