Less Cancer Founder Bill Couzens will be featured on an upcoming Rural Health Leadership Radio episode on October 31, 2023. It’s a chance for Less Cancer to contribute to the important conversations surrounding rural health access in the US at a crucial time. Couzens will speak to the challenges facing rural communities seeking cancer screening, care and heightened environmental risks.

Rural Cancer Disparities on the Rise

While rural communities have lower cancer rates than urban centers, mortality rates are consistently higher across most types of cancer. While the specific challenges vary, rural cancer patients face considerable healthcare barriers, including:

  • Limited access to preventive screenings
  • Financial issues
  • Transportation challenges
  • Limited access to clinical trials

Despite signs of progress, experts point to a persistent gap in patient rural patient outcomes. Other issues, such as race, ethnicity, and broader socioeconomic factors, are equally difficult to address and compound existing barriers underserved communities face.

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Rural Health Leadership Radio’s Mission

The non-profit organization provides a forum for rural health leaders nationwide to share ideas, concerns and identified opportunities to improve healthcare outcomes in small communities. Through its podcast, forums and other outlets, Rural Health Leadership Radio is a crucial resource for healthcare workers and advocates serving underserved populations.

“We provide an open forum where rural health leaders can share what ideas that are working or not working, their lessons learned, strategies and success stories,” said RHL Radio Founder Bill Auxier.

The podcast will air on October 31, 2023, at 9 a.m. and will be available on-demand on your favorite podcast platforms. You can also access the entire library of shows at rhlradio.com.

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