We’re incredibly grateful to everyone who makes an annual commitment to the Less Cancer Hike and Bike America. It’s our most important fundraiser of the year, but it’s also a chance to introduce like-minded individuals and families to the cause.

We want you. And your friends!

Start Your Ride or Hike Today

Organizing your Less Cancer ride or hike is easy. Whether you’re throwing together a quick ride with buddies or getting your coworkers involved, you can create a fundraising team in just a few clicks. Here’s how.

  1. Head to our registration site. We work with Classy to organize the ride. They make non-profit fundraisers simple!
  2. Select “Register Now”
  3. Select “Create a Team”
  4. Name your team, set an (ambitious!) fundraising goal, and add a unique page headline.
  5. Add your location info. (This isn’t public, it’s a part of your individual registration).
  6. Register! Individual registrations are $25.

Set Up Your Team Details

Change your team photo, description and other info to celebrate your squad. The more personal you make your team page, the easier it’ll be for folks to sign up and get involved.

Make a Plan!

The Less Cancer Hike and Bike America is a month-long event focused on getting people moving. Most teams choose a kick-off ride or hike to jumpstart the effort. Choose a date, time and location to get your crew together; ride 100 miles or around the block! Be sure to post photos of your effort online and encourage everyone to get active.

Share With Friends

Share your team page on Facebook, Instagram and by email. Whether you’re riding or hiking, folks love supporting causes like Less Cancer.

We’re Thankful

Thank YOU for supporting Less Cancer by creating a team this year. You’re helping spread the message of cancer prevention at a critical time in our nation’s health. Cancer prevention is key and together, we’re making it a priority.

Get Your Team Signed Up Today